The Importance of Date Nights

It would seem obvious that a blog post about the importance of date nights is not necessary except that I see many couples who don’t prioritize date nights. I’m always surprised when I ask how often they plan date nights I hear, “we know we should, we just haven’t.” They’re either too busy, can’t find sitters they trust, feel financially...[ read more ]

Seasonal Depression

Today is the first day of Fall. It’s that time of year when the days are getting shorter, it gets darker earlier, and the trees shed their leaves. For some, fall is their favorite season. For others, it represents the impending doom of winter and oncoming seasonal depression. If you’ve ever experienced seasonal depression you understand the impact that the...[ read more ]

Teen Body Positivity

Demi Lovato recently posted an unedited bikini photo of herself on Instagram. As of this writing, she has received more than 8 million likes and the comments are extremely supportive and encouraging. So why then do we live in a world in which women still constantly feel they have to hide their “flaws,” edit away their blemishes, and promote a...[ read more ]

Pet Loss Grief

Losing a pet can bring about tremendous grief. In society we don’t often acknowledge pet loss grief in the same way we recognize other type of grief and loss. This is what’s called disenfranchised grief—sadness due to a loss that is not seen as typical such as loss of pet, a parent giving a child up for adoption, military personnel...[ read more ]

Whacks vs. Lacks

I have had clients express to me lately that they don’t think they’ve experienced trauma but as they tell their histories, it becomes clear to me they have. I try to express to them that there is Trauma (capital T) and there is trauma (lowercase t) or whacks vs. lacks. While we understand that physical or sexual abuse is considered...[ read more ]

Unable to Share Feelings

In previous posts we covered the other characteristics of intimacy anorexia—being too busy, blaming, withholding love, withholding praise, withholding sexually, and withholding spiritually. This post is about the characteristic of intimacy anorexia when your partner is unable to express or share feelings. Dr. Doug Weiss, Ph.D. coined the term “intimacy anorexia.” The inability to share emotions or connect with your...[ read more ]

Sleep is Vital

When a client tells me they are experiencing higher levels of anxiety and depression, one of the first questions I always ask is how they are sleeping. Sleep. Is. Vital. Sleep deprivation affects mental health. Ask yourself a few questions—how tired are you on most days? Do you find that you need more caffeine to get through your day? Are...[ read more ]

Self-Care During Betrayal Trauma

Many clients who come to my office struggle with self-care. Those who are experiencing betrayal trauma seem to struggle the most, which is unfortunate given how very much they need to be practicing it. Most of us understand the concept of self-care to include doing things that provide us with fulfillment. This is a good definition of self-care but if...[ read more ]

Withholding Spiritually

In previous posts we listed the other characteristics of intimacy anorexia—being too busy, blaming, withholding love, withholding praise, and withholding sexually. This post concerns another characteristic of intimacy anorexia: withholding spiritually. Dr. Doug Weiss, Ph.D. coined the term “intimacy anorexia,” which he defines as the active withholding of emotional, spiritual, and sexual intimacy from the spouse. Dr. Weiss states that...[ read more ]

It’s that time of year…

It’s that time of year when we set new resolutions and attempt to start healthier routines. Instead of creating lofty goals for yourself, may we suggest you set some smaller goals? I’m sure you’ve heard the statistics about how many gyms get new clients at the start of the year but by Valentine’s Day many of the new members are...[ read more ]

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