Common Anxiety Symptoms

I frequently see clients for is anxiety symptoms. Imagine driving in your car and hearing the latest news story about how coffee increases your cancer risk (as you are sipping your Starbucks), the driver next to you honks and flips you off because you took a second too long to turn, you change the station only to hear about how the climate is growing increasingly more hot, a phone call then comes in reminding you that you are on to bring snacks to your child’s afternoon game (which you forgot you signed up for), and you run through your head all of the stuff still untouched on your To-Do list. We live in an age in which we are bombarded with information (some of it being very scary or uncomfortable), when we are the most busy we have ever been (overscheduled and multitasking), and when we are always accessible via text or phone. No doubt that we all struggle with anxiety symptoms!

Key anxiety symptoms include nervousness, restless, feeling tense, feelings of panic or dread, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, hyperventilation, sweating, unable to sleep, or feelings of danger. You might find that you only experience one or two of these common anxiety symptoms or maybe you run the gamut on a given day. If you have been experiencing increased anxiety symptoms, you might consider speaking to a counselor or your medical provider. You should definitely seek immediate treatment if your thoughts become suicidal or your find yourself having a panic attack (an unexpected or abrupt attack of fear that peaks in a few minutes and includes heart palpitations). 

Steps You Can Take

You can offset common anxiety symptoms by exercising daily, eating a more balanced diet (fruits, vegetables, non-processed foods), practicing a regular sleep regime, practicing mindfulness or relaxation techniques (yoga or meditation), and ceasing smoking.

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