Holiday depression

If you or a loved one have at least five of the following symptoms, be aware that you/they could be suffering from depression. Sleep disturbances—oversleeping or not getting enough sleep Decreased interest in activities Feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt Loss of energy Diminished ability to think or concentrate Appetite disturbances or weight loss/excessive weight gain Feelings of restlessness or...[ read more ]

Holidays are stressful

It’s that time of year…crowds, traffic, and stress! Although there are many beautiful aspects of this season, there are also parts of the holiday season that we all likely want to avoid. Rather than allowing this stress to get you down, think about what parts of the season stress you out. I’ve heard many of the stressors from my clients—office...[ read more ]

Self-Care Idea: Coloring

Practicing self-care requires effort. If you’re someone who rarely attempts self-care, it will be harder for you to come up with ideas. Never fear, we have countless ideas for you! The recent craze of adult coloring books has many adults rekindling and connecting with their inner child. Coloring is quite relaxing and also inexpensive. You can purchase an adult coloring...[ read more ]

Pet Therapy

Oxytocin, often referred to as the love hormone, acts as a neurotransmitter to the brain. Touch releases the hormone, which makes us feel more happy, content, and pleasurable. Oxytocin is associated with empathy, trust, sexual activity, and relationship-building. Last week we talked about creating a feeling of hygge. Feeling loved, warm, and safe are key concepts behind hygge. Many of...[ read more ]

Sharing your story isn’t always safe

I’m struck by the number of women suffering from betrayal trauma who choose to share their story with people only to be hurt by these people who they were going to lean on as a support system. Instead of receiving support, they instead feel judged and misunderstood. To be fair, most of these loved ones do have the woman’s best...[ read more ]

Take some time to hygge

Hygge is defined as a quality of coziness and comfortable warmth that creates a feeling of contentment or well-being. Hygge is a Danish word and is considered a defining characteristic of Danish culture. In Denmark, achieving hygge means sitting next to a fire and reading a good book while wearing handknit socks. Or having some yummy hot cocoa and cake...[ read more ]

When your partner withholds sexually

In previous posts, we touched upon some of the other characteristics of intimacy anorexia (IA) including being busy, blame, withholding love, and withholding praise. This post’s topic is the next IA characteristic—withholding sexually.  When was the last time you and your spouse had sex? It isn’t surprising when the spouse of a person struggling with IA answers “years” or “decades”...[ read more ]

Another characteristic of intimacy anorexia—withholding praise

The fourth characteristic of Intimacy Anorexia is withholding praise. Refer back to previous blog posts about other characteristics of IA, including busy, blame, and withholding love. When someone with IA withholds praise, they don’t share with their spouse the positive qualities that they love about them. They don’t comment when their spouse looks pretty or handsome. They don’t tell their...[ read more ]

Pay Attention to Depression Symptoms

Shortly we will be coming upon that time of year when daylight savings time ends, and it gets darker earlier. The seasonal ritual of rolling the clock back by an hour feels better than when we move it forward, but once we experience the darkness setting in when it is still afternoon, our mood darkens. This feeling might linger and...[ read more ]

Date Nights

Finding the right work-life balance is not as hard as what some couples report. When confronted with why couples in my office aren’t going on date nights, they each initially give long explanations about how busy they are and how the kids have so many activities happening. Then with more prodding, they admit that they can find time, they just...[ read more ]

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