Self-Care During Betrayal Trauma

Many clients who come to my office struggle with self-care. Those who are experiencing betrayal trauma seem to struggle the most, which is unfortunate given how very much they need to be practicing it. Most of us understand the concept of self-care to include doing things that provide us with fulfillment. This is a good definition of self-care but if you expand the concept a bit further you would see that you can practice self-care in multiple areas.

Physical self-care includes doing some form of movement that you enjoy (yoga, swimming, walking). Notice I use the word “enjoy” because forcing yourself to exercise is very different than operating in joyful movement.

Spiritual self-care involves you delving in and practicing in work that brings you connection with deeper meaning. If that means you find spiritual connection in praying then by all means. Perhaps it means you meditate—then do so!

Emotional self-care involves you being in touch with your emotions and being able to regulate them. As you experience your day, ask yourself what emotions are arising and what is triggering them. This will develop your emotional intelligence and lead you to deeper understanding of yourself.

Social self-care includes you engaging with others and enjoying time with those who support you and who you support. Take some time to have lunch with old friends.

Mental self-care might include stimulating your brain. Watch a documentary, do a Sudoku puzzle, learn how to knit—the possibilities are endless.

Take some time to think about how you can indulge in self-care. Your mind and body need a rest. Distract yourself with a regular self-care regimen. If you are struggling with betrayal trauma, you can receive counseling or you can enter counseling as a couple. If you live in northern Colorado (Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, Loveland, Johnstown, or Severance), contact Mending Hearts Counseling at 970-545-1111 today to get more information.

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