Criteria of Sexual Addiction

People often ask how to distinguish one who is struggling with a sexual addiction versus someone who just “enjoys looking at porn.” There are plenty of people who watch pornography and masturbate but aren't addicted to the behavior. This does not mean they will not be, eventually, but in the moment recreational pornography viewing and masturbation due to arousal is...[ read more ]

The Heart of Man Movie

A well-made, beautifully cinematic and heart-felt movie that you may or may not have heard about concerning sexual addiction was released this past September called, The Heart of Man. The movie was released to ticket holders for just two exclusive showings in theaters this past season. It is now available to purchase as a DVD or on iTunes. It was...[ read more ]

Sexual addict vs. sexual predator

The general public was disgusted and judgmental of celebrity figures when they succumbed to their bad choices in the wake of their sexual addiction. Recall the fall of Tiger Woods, Josh Duggar, and Charlie Sheen. Their bad choices led to time in rehab and time out of the spotlight. Compared to the scandals today, the choices made by Woods, Duggar...[ read more ]

Will I trust again? Part II

In the previous post, we covered how complicated it is to peel through the layers of confusion and deception when you first discover your partner’s betrayal. You aren’t prepared for how much time it will take to come out of the fog. You should consider seeking counsel from a specialized therapist and/or join a support group of other women who...[ read more ]

Shame vs. Guilt

Brené Brown’s quote brings to light just how much we interchange the emotions of guilt and shame. Shame is destructive. Shame creates the stigma within us that says “I am bad.” At its core, that emotion relays that we are unworthy, perhaps even unlovable. Shame creates a wall that prevents us from growing closer….to others and in deepening in our...[ read more ]

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